How to Stop Daily Emails About VPN Connections



I have just started receiving daily emails to the following effect:

"You're receiving this message because you have at least one VPN Connection in the us-west-2 Region, for which your VPN Customer Gateway is not using both tunnels. This mode of operation is not recommended as you may experience connectivity issues if your active tunnel fails."

I am perfectly content having one or zero tunnels in place for the identified VPN connections. I did not receive these emails before a couple weeks ago and some of these VPNs have been in the described state for well over a year.

Where is the setting to disable this check or stop the emails?

Thank You.

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2 Answers

The only way this can be addressed is by opening a support issue.

answered 5 years ago

Can confirm.
Opened a support ticket and they opted us out of the VPC tunnel notification.

answered 3 years ago

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