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I am going to deploy a image classification react web app to aws Iot greengrass. I would like to perform a two step operation using different version of mobilenet. The first operation, which is already in the web app, will be placed on edge and the second operation, which receives result from the web app then further operate and return the final result to the web app, will be place on the cloud. Here is the questions.

  1. How to achieve this design?
  2. Should I place the greengrass Iot core to the server where my web app located?
  3. Do I need to use device SDK on the cloud or on edge?
  4. To connect to the cloud, should I place the second step to the s3 bucket in order to configure it as a greengrass component?
  5. How to connect the web app to greengrass?
  6. How do I perform the communication between the two operation? Should I use MQTT?
  7. What is the difference between aws greengrass core device on the left and aws Iot core on the right?Enter image description here Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Assuming that the app in the greengrass will be developed using a custom component [1]. You have two ways to handle your scenario

  1. Publish/subscribe local messages [2]
  2. Publish/subscribe AWS IoT Core MQTT messages [3]

The AWS IoT Core MQTT messaging IPC service lets you send and receive MQTT messages to and from AWS IoT Core. Components can publish messages to AWS IoT Core and subscribe to topics to act on MQTT messages from other sources.


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answered 13 days ago

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