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Get Online/Offline status for iot thing using iot device client sdk


Hello, I was wondering if there's any easy and fast implantation way to get online/offline status in the console as soon as a iot thing comes online or goes offline. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Subham. You may be interested to enable fleet indexing, particularly thing indexing and thing connectivity:

With that enabled, you can then do searches within the console (Manage->Things->Fleet Indexing->Search). Example queries:

You can use FleetHub so you have a GUI reporting connection status and last disconnection reason:

Fleet Hub works on top of fleet indexing, so fleet indexing needs to be enabled.

Please also be aware of Lifecycle Events; you can enable these and have AWS IoT Rules that action these events:

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answered 6 months ago

Another option is to use lifecycle events and subscribe with the MQTT test client in the AWS IoT console (or any other MQTT client) to $aws/events/presence/connected/# and $aws/events/presence/disconnected/#. If you want to get messages for a certain client only replace # with the clientId.



answered 6 months ago

Hey Greg and Phillip, thank you so much for the answer, it helped a lot. However when i used lifecycle event of connected or disconnected i found that only when the rpi is shutting down i am getting the mqtt message but when the device loses the connectivity i am not. Can you tell me if there's a way to implement this?

answered 6 months ago

Thanks all for the inputs, the keep_alive_secs works when the device client is being run via a service. Couple more doubts

  1. I want to use lifecycle events to notify me via SNS which isn't working it keeps saying invalid sql statement when i did `SELECT * from '$aws/events/presence/connected/+'.
  2. The whole implementation seems very very tedious and it would be great to have tutorials for things like this.
answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks for the help, the rule for notification worked

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