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Connecting to Postgres Amazon RDS using IAM authentication


Hi all, I am trying to set us IAM authentication to connect to my Postgres RDS 14.2 instance. I am following to set things up. I can connect to the instance using the authentication token without performing any of the IAM tasks which are mentioned in the document. The following are the steps I followed.

  1. Create a Postgres 14.2 instance

  2. Enable IAM authentication on the instance

  3. Login to my instance and create a DB user with login and grant rds_iam to the user.

  4. Generate the authentication token for the user.

  5. Login to the instance with the generated authentication token.

    I was able to login to the instance without any issue. If you notice the above steps I did not create an IAM user nor have I created or attached any policy as mentioned in the documentation. Am I missing something? I don't this that is how it is expected to work.

Thanks, Kris

1 Answers

I think I have found the issue. I have been generating the token as root user rather than the IAM user. I think thats why I am able to login to the instance as the user without doing anyting related to the IAM config.

answered 22 days ago

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