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I am struggling to figure out how administrate a SIMPLE AD from within a Workspace. I have created a workspace with a new domain, and run up a Windows instance. When I added the AD DS and AD LDS Tool & DNS Server Tools, I was unable to edit any of the Users. Reading the help guides, it mentioned that you need to manage it via an EC2 instance. So, I Run up an EC2 instance on the same domain, but now when I look at changing it tells me I need to be a domain admin, as I'm logged in as a local user. None of my user log ins work with EC2, and i'm completely locked out from being able to manage the AD.

How do I gain access to Admin the SIMPLE AD on a Workspace domain?

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Finally Figured it out. You'll need to run up an EC2 instance in windows, connected to your domain/Directory Name and admin . Now when you run your instance, click other user and enter your credential as if your were logging into an domain account. domainname\Administrator and then use your Directory Password. This now logs you in with the correct credentials.

It has to be an EC2 instance because the Workspace instances will not allow you to switch users.

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Hi There

It sounds like you are not logged in as a user with domain directory privileges. To create users and groups in an AWS Directory Service directory, you must be logged in as a user that has privileges to create users and groups. Make sure you are logging in to your Workspace as Administrator. You should be able tom perform the steps in a workspace and not have to use an EC2 instance.


When you create a directory with Simple AD, AWS Directory Service performs the following tasks on your behalf: Creates a directory administrator account with the user name Administrator and the specified password. You use this account to manage your directory.

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  • Thanks for you quick reply. I only have the single admin account which I'm logged into. How do I log in as the administrator account on the workspace? It looks to me like there's only the single user allowed?

    So, when I create a workspace, I get a link for a machine but when I try to add in the administrator and password it says "Unrecognised User. No Workspace found under your username". Maybe I'm confused about the administrator password? Is this the password created for the domain?

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