How to recover deleted folders or files in AWS EC2?


Hello, How are you? Unfortunately, I deleted all files in /var/www/html/car_wash directory by mistake. I used following command

sudo rm -rf * /var/www/html/car_wash

This is my latest activity and I didn't overwrite any files and folders in this directory yet. How can I recover these deleted files? I am using AWS EC2 Linux instance and file system is ext4. I hope you to help me.

Thank you and regards.

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At a filesystem level, the data is gone I'm afraid.

If you have a backup or snapshot of the EBS volume (which is likely to be the root volume) from a time when the now-deleted data was present, then you may be able to recover from that.

AWS doesn't backup customers' data by default, it's something that you would have had to setup yourself.

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answered 6 months ago

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