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Hi, I need to ingest server rtsp streams and do further analyses with Rekognition. Such streams are not always available. I'm following the following AWS guide:

The problem is that working with commands like the following:

./kvs_gstreamer_sample DemoStream rtsp://

can't handle intermittent streams. If the stream is not available, it returns.

I'm wondering how to deal with this scenario in a serverless fashion and if Kinesis is the right tool for doing that job.

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If you need to ingest intermittent RTSP streams in a serverless fashion, then you can consider using AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage. AWS Elemental MediaLive can receive and transcode your RTSP stream into a format that can be consumed by other AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, and Amazon Rekognition. AWS Elemental MediaPackage can package and deliver the transcoded streams for playback.

To handle intermittent streams, you can use AWS Lambda to start and stop the AWS Elemental MediaLive channel when the RTSP stream becomes available or unavailable. You can trigger the Lambda function using CloudWatch Events, which can be configured to monitor the RTSP stream's availability and trigger the Lambda function when the stream becomes available or unavailable.

Alternatively, if you want to stick with using Kinesis Video Streams, you can use the Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK to ingest the RTSP stream into Kinesis Video Streams. The Producer SDK provides an API that can be used to ingest video and audio streams from RTSP cameras, USB cameras, and other sources. You can use AWS Lambda to start and stop the Kinesis Video Streams producer when the RTSP stream becomes available or unavailable. When the RTSP stream becomes available, the Lambda function can start the producer, which will ingest the stream into Kinesis Video Streams. When the stream becomes unavailable, the Lambda function can stop the producer.

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Thank you very much!

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