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Is there a recommended way to track how much cost each user is incurring on Workspaces?

One option would to be to create a separate account per client, and host all their users in the account. This would make it easy to track in Cost Explorer. However this doesn't seem like a scalable solution.

Another would be to somehow track individual users in cost and usage reports, but I am not certain if that granularity of information is available in CUR.

Looking for any recommendations. Thank you.

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If you and your customer is specifically focused on understanding WorkSpaces costs:

WorkSpaces supports the use of billing TAGS:

It's quite common for customers to tag each WorkSpace with charge-back identification such as Business, Department, Cost Code and User.

Cost Explorer is a great way to visualize this all and the customer can setup custom Cost Explorer reports filtering or grouping by Service and or TAG:

If you are looking to make sure your WorkSpaces Fleet is cost optimized, then you should be taking a look at the WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer solution which outputs to a CSV file your actual hourly consumption of each WorkSpace instance along with a recommendation column to convert between AlwaysON <-> AutoStop instances. This tool can go a step further and automate the changing of the WorkSpace run mode on the fly to ensure that a customers environment is properly cost optimized:

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