Aurora PostgreSQL Replica Pricing


Hey guys, I'm wondering what I need to pay for a new on-demand replica instance in the same AZ as the primary instance.

  1. I know I need to pay instance pricing by the hour.
  2. Do I need to pay for the storage of an additional copy of the data?
  3. Do I need to pay for data replication operation? Does data replication to the replica instance count as i/o operations?
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With Aurora (PostgreSQL and MySQL), when you add a read replica instance to an existing cluster, you are billed for the instance hours based on the instance type you choose for the replica instance. You are NOT billed for additional storage - there is no additional storage for read replica instances in Aurora, as the read replica instances share access to the same Aurora storage volume as the primary read-write instance; as such, data is not replicated to the replica instances.

Thanks for being an Aurora PostgreSQL customer!

-Kevin J, PM for Aurora PostgreSQL

answered 3 years ago

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