CodePipeline with Ec2 Instance (AMI)


Is this possible and how can I proceed using CodePipeline? creating an image containing the application environment, spawning EC2 instances based on that image, and deploying the application onto those instances. This approach allows for consistent and repeatable deployments, as the same image can be used to launch multiple instances with identical configurations.

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  • hi I have an application stored in github can I still do this steps?

  • Could you explain further? How will be the setp by step process. I already have an existing codepipeline, should I create an EC2 Image Builder and the instance that it would create is the instance I need to use with my codepipeline? Thank you so much!

  • Are these steps correct?

    1. Connect GitHub to AWS CodePipeline
    2. Configure the Pipeline
    3. Set Up EC2 Image Builder
    4. Create CloudFormation Templates
    5. Update Pipeline Stages in CodePipeline

Hello, You can achieve this process with EC2 Image builder.

  • Create an Image using Docker file.
  • Store that Image in ECR. and in build stage give Code build.
  • You can create custom Image in EC2 Image builder.
  • Now you can launch this through ECS added in Code Pipeline, So that Instance will launch with Specific Image Configuration.

For additional image refer this:-

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answered 25 days ago
  • hi I have an application stored in github can I still do this steps?, I already have an existing codepipeline

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