How to add a custom field in Amazon Connect Customer Profiles e.g. CallTag?


I have done Amazon Connect Customer Profiles integrations with Shopify but it's only mapping FullName, Email, and Phone of Shopify with Customer Profiles. I want to implement After Contact Work as adding/assigning CallTags with the profiles but i am unable to find any Object to use within Customer Profiles. So, after some R&D i got to know that i have to create a custom object in Customer Profiles and then use Show View block in my contact flow and use DisconnectFlowForAgentUI attribute. It will bring the after contact work page once call ends with a list of callTags, the agent will select one or more then one callTags and on submit i want to call UpdateProfile API to add the selected callTags in my customer profile.

The ultimate goal is to add callTags in customer profiles and we can search the customer profiles by callTag.

What i have tried is to use put_profile_object API with these parameters

response = client.put_profile_object(

But i am getting

Error: An error occurred (BadRequestException) when calling the PutProfileObject operation: The UNIQUE key or PROFILE key does not exist in the profile object

Can someone please guide me how to do that?

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I understand that you are facing the error "The UNIQUE key or PROFILE key does not exist in the profile object." while using the "PutProfileObject" function in Python.

As per the error, it looks like - The UNIQUE key or PROFILE key does not exist in the profile object.

As per the profile key definition we know that, a profile object [1] can have a single unique key and any number of additional keys that can be used to identify the profile that it belongs to.

Therefore, making sure the unique is present and attached to profile object that is used in the API may help mitigate this issue.

======= [1] [2]

answered 8 months ago

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