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GoDaddy Domain Propagation from old AWS to new AWS


Hi Team, Please clarify below as I fail to search suitable answers in documentations / Knowledge center -

  1. how to Move AWS Environment to a new AWS Environment
  2. how to Migrate servers own VPC and account
  3. how to create DC Controller (new domain) in AWS ?
  4. how to create brand new servers in the new AWS account (further to Q1)
  5. hot to Create images and move them to the new account (further toQ4)
  6. how to do DNS change for new account?
  7. If I create a new domain on GoDaddy and want to move to AWS new account (created in Q1) , how to move the registered domain?
  8. How to ensure that all users (from old AWS / from Godaddy) are in the new domain?
  9. How to ensure successful migration from old AWS to new AWS ?