Tag Editor shows deleted load balancers


A few months ago I removed 2 load balancers (1 alb and 1 nlb) from our account, and I recently noticed they still show up in the Tag Editor.

I opened a support case for this, but they couldn't help me. And suggested I come to the forum for help.
"These 2 ELBs have been deleted successfully. The fact that these still show up in tag editor is I believe some issue with Tag Editor itself. I would request you to check with the Tag Editor team to confirm if this is a bug on their end since the loadbalancers are already deleted and I can confirm that."

Actually they only show up if I search specifically with a tag filter, eg "Application: foo".
If I only look for "AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::LoadBalancer" without any tag filters, then it doesn't show up.

Is there a way I can remove these LBs from Tag Editor myself?

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1 Answer

I opened my initial support case with the ELB team.
It got resolved by opening a support case under resource groups > tag editor.

answered 3 years ago

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