Where should I report to when encounter a trouble at SageMaker Canvas?


When I was building model for analyzing in SageMaker Canvas, it just run for 1h 2m and then I got this notification:

Model building failed: Failed to run Neo compilation or generate explainability report. client_request_id is f76d5bf7-6780-4257-9631-500101632b1e

Where should I contact the admin for this issue? Thank you so much!

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Hi Ailee, you can submit a ticket here and engineering will get back to you: https://t.corp.amazon.com/create/templates/20b56bae-3fca-4281-9b94-69b6e50128cd. Thanks!

answered 10 months ago
  • @heyjared thank you for the advice, unfortunately I don't have access to Amazon Enterprise Access. In the site is written, if you're not an Amazon employee, then you must have mistakenly directed to the internal-only Amz system :( Should I click "Chat with IT Support?"

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