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Hi all, In the Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice, version 2 API , the origination identity can be one of: PhoneNumber, PhoneNumberId, PhoneNumberArn, SenderId, SenderIdArn, PoolId, or PoolArn. What is the purpose of specifying the poolID or poolArn? If I specify the poolID or poolArn for a pool containing multiple originators, how is the originator (number or SenderID) chosen?


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Please note that as per

Grouping origination IDs into pools allows the user to specify a pool ID versus an individual phone number or Sender ID. The Amazon Pinpoint service uses this information to deliver your messages based on the recipient’s country. This capability also helps improve resiliency when a known issue exists with a particular origination ID by simplifying the process of adding or removing an origination ID in the console. Prior to pools, a user was required to make a code change at the data plane layer in order to manage this level of sending over the Amazon Pinpoint service. Additionally, pools manage a consistent experience across all origination identities in the pool by applying the same keywords and respecting the same opt-outs across the pool.

You can check these resources to learn more about pools:

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  • Thank you. Guess I should read the docs more carefully next time.

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