Amplify does not clean up after app deletion


I've created and deleted Amplify apps several times. Regarding deletion, I noticed that Amplify does not clean up the resources it auto-creates. It left out Cognito user pools with names starting with 'amplify_backend_manager' and a few lambda functions. Is this normal behaviour, and is there a reason why it does that?

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Is this normal behaviour

Yes, it is normal.

is there a reason why it does that?

The reason for this is unclear, but we assume it is probably due to the split functionality between Amplify Hosting and Amplify Studio.

Cognito user pools beginning with amplify_backend_manager and Lambda functions with the following names are automatically created when Amplify Studio is activated. [1]


[1] Basics - Manage team access - AWS Amplify Docs

The above resources will be automatically removed by disabling Amplify Studio before removing the Amplify app.

Therefore, if you have been deleting the above resources yourself, we recommend that you disable Amplify Studio before deleting the Amplify application.

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answered 2 months ago

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