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[Kinesis to Amazon Rekogntion] error when running junit example


I am running the specific example "KinesisVideoRekognitionIntegrationExampleTest" from to produce a local "output" to display the bounding box results from amazon rekognition with reference to this set of steps: My video is fed properly to KVS ( able to be seen playing on web console) However i am getting this error when running the junit test with nothing displayed on jframe

Running rekognition-kds-stream-application to process stream RekognitionVideoBlog-Stream as worker host.docker.internal:9d3a6f88-50a1-4ab6-8b65-93594b7627ad...14:09:28.173 [pool-2-thread-2] ERROR com.amazonaws.kinesisvideo.parser.examples.GetMediaWorker - Failure in GetMediaWorker for streamName LiveRekognitionVideoAnalysisBlog java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 6 The default case is already defined

The log4j is also triggering java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

1 Answers

Hello, there was a patch on May 17th to fix the issue caused from the log4j update.

Are you still experiencing this issue after the patch?

answered 15 days ago

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