Dedicated host is released but I'm still getting charged.


I made a dedicated host for a mac m1 instance build. I ended up not needing it. I have tried to release it every day for the past 4 days and it says it's released, but it still shows up in the "dedicated Host" tab in the EC2 console, and I am still getting charged. Please Help!

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You shouldn't be charged for a stopped instance.

Try using AWS Cost Explorer to see the details of your charges. Cost Explorer is free when you use the console with out of the box settings the only billable features are hourly & resource granularity & direct API requests.

Initially Cost Explorer will group the costs by Service, making it easy to see which service is responsible for the cost. You can also switch the Group By dimension to Usage Type, which will show you the next level of detail: the specific units by which your charges are being metered.

Some examples of items that you might find:

EBS:SnapshotUsage - EBS Snapshots that need to be deleted ElasticIP:IdleAddress - unused elastic IPs

Also you can take a look at this question for more information or this other How can I DELETE a dedicated host?

David C
answered 13 days ago

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