Providing S3 access to MediaPackage for "live-to-VOD"


I am creating a "live-to-VOD" workflow with MediaPackage, and I'm trying to understand how to best implement the correct policy to allow MediaPackage to do it.

I will have many buckets (one per customer), and I need MediaPackage to be able to push assets into all of those buckets. Is there a way to grant MediaPackage access to all buckets with a sort of wildcard, or, does each bucket need to be expressly added in a new and separate policy?

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Hi chrisatmb, thanks for your query! I can see you've found some documentation on this. It is indeed possible to use wildcards to specify several buckets. For setting up the correct permissions for MediaPackage Live-to-VOD I'd start here:

Note there are slightly different policies for VOD Vs Live-to-VOD. This should get you started but please let us know if you have any questions!

answered 2 years ago

Ah, I see from the following guide that it's possible to use a wildcard for all S3 buckets like so:


answered 2 years ago

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