Health checks when using ALB as target of NLB


I am looking at using the feature of having an ALB as a target of a NLB. The options for health checks are using HTTP/HTTPS. How do the health checks work for example if the target ALB is using host-based routing? You don't have an option to specify a full hostname for it to go to? Would a health check just going to https 443 with a default path of / work?

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Hello Silus, Let us know if you still need help with your ALB question. Did the link provided by Sri helped? Please let us know.

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answered 6 months ago
  • Hi no I got around it by another way by having the ALB provide a static response of 200 to the NLB which in turn meant the health checks would pass on the NLB's ALB target group and it would send traffic when the ALB was using host based routing and could not check an actual endpoint. I just rely on the ALB to do the actual health checks on the endpoints.

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