How do I find my QuickSight dashboard and analysis IDs?


I'm trying to figure out how to find the dashboard and analysis IDs for QuickSight dashboards and analyses that I am working on. My ultimate goal is to port them over to another account.

I found this article which references a dashboard ID, but I can't figure out how to actually find it. I see some stuff on StackOverflow that involves creating a Cognito instance and I'm wondering if that's really the only way?

This seems like something that should be pretty easily accessible without needing to write a script or creating new resources.


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you can use the QuickSight CLI command list-dashboards or the APIs (example for python)

then you search for the Dashboard name and you find the associated dashboard ID, the same apply to analysis.

hope this helps,

answered 2 years ago

To add, in addition to getting the ID from URL in browser, you can use SearchDashboards or SearchAnalyses APIs with a filter on QUICKSIGHT_USER. Resulting dashboards/analyses are all the dashboards/analyses the user has access to.

answered 2 years ago

Alternatively to using the API you can also take the dashboard ID directly from the console.

Just navigate to the desired dashboard in QuickSight and then you will be able to find the id in the URL:<dashboard_id>

This also applies to other assets such as Datasets, Analyses and QuickSight Q topics

answered 9 months ago

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