[FEATURE-REQ] EventBridge UI to Include StepFunction Alias/Version for Targets


Currently, the EventBridge UI does not allow you to set a target that is a StepFunction with a specific version / alias. (Unlike Lambdas, where you can do so). This applies for both Rules and Scheduler.

I was able to circumvent this by using the AWS CLI with a command of the form:

aws events put-targets \
  --rule RULE_NAME \
  --targets "Id"="XXXXX","RoleArn"="arn:aws:iam::XXXXXXXXX:role/service-role/ROLE_NAME","Arn"="arn:aws:states:REGION:XXXXXXXXX:stateMachine:SFN_NAME:VERSION_OR_ALIAS"

This works exactly as intended, but I wonder if this can be implemented into the UI. I understand the StepFunction Versions / Alias is a fairly new feature so my apologies if this is already in the works.

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I understand you are asking same feature for event rule rule target for step function as it's for lambda function, where we can specify alias/version too.

You rightly figured out that this is achievable through CLI and cloudformation both but in UI, it doesn't let us choose the version or enter the state machine arn.

It can definitely be added to roadmap/feature request or might already be there in the roadmap. If you/org has Enterprise Support, you can talk to your Account Team and they can get a request logged. Roadmap/PFRs can only be shared with customer who are under Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) with AWS.

I know this may not be the answer you'd expect but I have just tried to explain the process and right way of getting a such feature request logged.

Hope you find this information helpful.


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answered 7 months ago
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