Amazon SNS: Unable to find ARN for topic subscription


I'm trying to subscribe to a topic via SNS according to this documentation, but the only topics I can find in the SNS Create Subscription panel are my own.

When I enter arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:137112412989:amazon-linux-2022-ami-updates in the Topic ARN search field, it can't be found, and if I just copy/paste the ARN in the Topic ARN field and submit, I receive the following error message: Couldn't create subscription. Error code: InvalidParameter - Error message: Invalid parameter: TopicArn

Screenshot showing ARN Topic error

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You do not have select one of your created topics from the input dropdown when creating a subscription, you can copy/paste a topic ARN into the box. The selector just makes it easier to populate a topic based on the topics you have created so you do not have to remember them or copy/paste them.

Please retry copy/pasting that ARN and creating the subscription.

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answered 2 years ago
  • I've copy/pasted the ARN, but I receive the following error: "Couldn't create subscription. Error code: InvalidParameter - Error message: Invalid parameter: TopicArn." I'll update my question to reflect this.

  • Can you confirm you're currently using us-east-1? You'll get that error if you're trying to use any other region.

  • Thanks, this was the issue - I didn't realize subscriptions were limited by region!

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