Deleted roles are being shown in Instance's IAM Role List


The highlighted role "InstanceS3FullAccessRole" is not from my IAM Console and deleted a long back but still appears in this list. When applied, it has no effect which creates confusion. I tried creating new roles and deleting them also removes them from this list but not the "InstanceS3FullAccessRole". Instance IAM Role List Screenshot

How do I get rid of it? Is it a bug?

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I think the instance profile remains.
In EC2, IAM roles are not attached directly, but to a resource called an instance profile.
Therefore, even if the IAM role is deleted, if the instance profile remains, it will be displayed when creating EC2.

Try finding the instance profile with the AWS CLI command below.

aws iam list-instance-profiles --query "InstanceProfiles"[]."InstanceProfileName"

If it is not needed, you can delete it using the following command.

aws iam delete-instance-profile --instance-profile-name InstanceS3FullAccessRole

AWS CLI commands can be executed from CloudShell.

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