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I have configured the Grafana workspace using the SAML configuration, and I can able login to Grafana console not able to see the admin privileges in the console like I can't see the configuration setting option in the console.

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Thank you for contacting us. I understand that you have configured Amazon Managed Grafana with a 3rd party SAML Identity Provider. Now, you are concerned that once the user logs into the Grafana console, they are lacking admin privileges.

Could you please confirm if you have opted out of assigning admins to your workspace? Please refer to the following note from [1]:

"Under Assertion mapping, do the following:

Make sure that I want to opt-out of assigning admins to my workspace is not selected.

Note If you choose I want to opt-out of assigning admins to my workspace, you won't be able to use the Amazon Managed Grafana workspace console to administer the workspace, including tasks such as managing data sources, users, and dashboard permissions. You can make administrative changes to the workspace only by using Grafana APIs."

We have documentations for setting up access with each Identity Provider. The following blogpost also walks through setting up admin role access.

If you continue to experience this issue, please feel free to raise a support case so we are able to take a look at the configuration in detail.

Note: For security and privacy reasons, please avoid sharing any details regarding your resources over re:Post since this is a public platform.

answered a year ago

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