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/How to report another AWS server has performed vunerability scanning on my server?/

How to report another AWS server has performed vunerability scanning on my server?


Someone pointed Nessus at my EC2 machine and performed a 12minute vunerability scan - Their IP traces back to AWS - There are more than 200 entries across all logs in /var/log/httpd. I believe my server is fine, undamaged, but the actions should not go unrewarded.

How do I raise this with AWS?


2 Answers

The best way to raise this is by using the report abuse form:

Since the target was your EC2 instance, it's probably best to use the link in the form to sign in to your account first.

answered a month ago
reviewed a month ago
  • I was going to click Accept and give this a thumbs up however "Something went wrong" when attempting the process you suggested. I have, clicked the link to sign on to my account first, shared a contact email address, then filled in the form, indicated someone did port scanning, added extracts from my log files and then clicked Submit. This resulted in "Something went wrong". I repeated the process with the same result. There are no warnings attached anywhere else in the form indicating where I might have omitted a required value. Not good start to my day.

Accepted Answer

Two further attempts to submit my report at failed, and thus I have decided not to Accept the answer suggested above as others may experience the same result as I got. When I filled in the form and clicked submit, I again with "Something went wrong" error. I will raise a separate ticket on this.

For now, I emailed, attached log files, provided source and target server IP and requesting support on the EC2 user who performed an unsolicited and unwelcome vunerability scan of my EC2 server.

answered a month ago

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