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I'm using an Image Builder and in step 1 when I try to configure Working Directory for the installed application I cannot specify C:\Users\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder because it's not even listed (one cannot type it in either): Enter image description here The stack that will use that Image has Home folders enabled and when the fleet is running the Home folders are present, but I want to configure the default app behavior to use the Home Folder path so users wouldn't need to change it.

Doing the same while logged in as Template User won't work because as I understand it the persistent storage (S3) isn't even mounted while creating an Image (Home Folder isn't listed) Enter image description here

So my question is: what path to Working Directory am I supposed to provide at this stage to enable default persistent storage path for an app and users?

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If you want to enable persistent storage, you must enable Home Folders on the Stack. Your applications can be configured to the default path that includes the Home Folder, however that is not configured through the Imaging wizard - it would be in the applications themselves.

answered 2 years ago

Not via Image Wizard. Since the user PhotonUser is not available on the Image, you will not able to pick this folder. You may try creating the folder and test it out, but i have not done myself.

Other option is write a BAT file to launch the application in the required folder.

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answered 2 years ago

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