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Suddenly, after over 3 years running Windows Server 2019 in a Lightsail instance, the boss wants to have the server's time zone match his. Windows Server denies me permission to change time zone, even though I'm a domain admin. I'm guessing because the when I'm logged into the Lightsail console, it shows "Oregon, Zone A (us-west-2a)". I didn't see any way in the console to set the 'zone' or anything else that would allow the server's time zone to be changed.

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Can you check if you have permission to change the time zone by running the command below in a command prompt?
If you cannot confirm "SeTimeZonePrivilege" by executing the command, it is possible that privileges are not set in the user's security group.

whoami /priv

You may be able to set it by changing it in other ways such as the following.
Right-click "timedate.cpl" and click "Run as administrator" to start it as shown below.

Set the time zone to the one you want to change.

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Thanks. Opening an elevated 'timedate.cpl' worked. Not sure why SeTimeZonePrivilege is set to 'disabled' by default for a domain admin.

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