CodeBuild build never runs and remains stuck on QUEUED phase


Today, after the events of 2021/dec/07, our build projects in one of our AWS accounts can't run anymore. Any build that is started remains in the QUEUED phase until a timeout occurs after around 1h. These build projects are all started from different CodePipeline pipelines and all of them are impacted. I've opened a support ticket regarding this issue to check if it is not a billing related problem. Does anyone here knows what could be the cause? There are no other build in the running state while this happens, at least no other build is shown in the CodeBuild console in the running state. Another account we have under the same consolidated billing account has no problems and the builds runs fine.

This is making our development team unable to work properly.

Thanks, Roney

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I suspect this is relating to Cloud Watch Events delivery delays and/or remediation incident response and/or CodeBuild might have put in place.

Your course of action is correct and I recommend you select the right severity levels and the support engineer should be able to look into your account data as well as backed info to identify the issue (we do recommend you have at least a developer support plan to have access to support engineers).

If there is other accounts able to start build, it's unlikely it's a billing related problem.

That said, if the builds are working before, if you retry the build in the next 24 hours hopefully it should be able to proceed normally,.

answered a year ago

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