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Single DC-GW connected to multiple direct-connect links



Can we connect a single Direct connect Gateway to multiple AWS direct-connect links available through different regions? I want my VPC in Oregon region to use it hosted direct-connect in the same region as primary path and hosted direct connect in California region as backup path!

For example: DC link-1 hosted in Oregon region DC link-2 hosted in California region Both the direct connect links should have Hosted/Private Virtual Interface with same Direct-connect Gateway Then the DC-GW is associated with VGW(s)

I this feasible to do?

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Let me see if I follow what you want to do: you have to Direct Connect links in two different Direct Connect locations. And you want the two Private VIFs connected to the same Direct Connect gateway, which is associated to your VPC(s). Is that right?

If it is, you can do that, check this section of the Hybrid Connectivity AWS Whitepaper: The example there shows Transit VIFs as it is connecting to a Transit Gateway in the Regions, but you can also do it with Private VIFs.

answered 7 months ago
  • Thanks for such a prompt response. yes, you got it right but it has one additional condition as direct-connect links will be from two different direct-connect locations associated with two different AWS regions. Please help me to fulfil this requirement too. Thanks,

  • You can connect VIFs from DX links in locations that are associated to different Regions into the same Direct Connect gateway. The DXGW is the representation of the AWS backbone, so regardless the Region associated, if you have the DXGW it will take the best path possible to any Region you associate to the DXGW (except China ones).

    The only thing you have to be careful in configuring is the active/passive configuration - the DXGW will prefer the DX location associated with the AWS Region the traffic is coming from. This can be overridden through BGP community values - check this blog post for more information:

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