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Does AWS support Windows 11 EC2 Instances?


When we would like to spin up Windows 11 EC2 instances, we go the following error: ENA must be supported with uefi boot-mode

We tried out many things, but without success. Thanks,

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2 Answers

It sounds like you may be trying to deploy an instance type that does not support UEFI. Can you check whether you are using a current generation instance type such as c5, m5, r5, etc? (full list here:

answered 6 months ago
  • Sorry, I wasn't concrete, I missed an important information: We get this error message, when we would like to convert the uploaded image to AMI. Our process:

    • Build the Win11 image locally
    • Upload the image to S3 bucket
    • Convert the image to AMI

    The above solution works in case of Win10, but in case of Win11, we got the mentioned error message.


VM Import/Export added support for Windows 11 images (and Secure Boot). After importing the UEFI image, you do need to use a supported instance type

Check out the blog post Bringing your Windows 11 image to AWS with VM Import/Export for more info.

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answered 2 months ago

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