EC2 instance kills the long running process, ssh connection closed


I'm running a python script which processes large amount of data and takes around 16 hrs to complete. The cpu usage is shown below in the pic. The gap between the two peaks is where, ec2-instance kills the running python script and logs out any ssh connection. The ram memory utilization is also shown below. Any pointers where to look for the problem? ram cpu

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It is most likely that ssh is timeout, I recommend the following options to launch your scripts in the background

  • You can add your script to cron to be run regularly.
  • You can run your script manually, and detach+background it using nohup.

I hope it can help you, if not, could you add the command you use to run the python script?

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answered 10 months ago
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  • It kills the python script and multiple running tmux sessions. I don't think it is ssh timeout.

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