Can my independent account be billed if I am part of an organization?


I created my individual account and provided my personal credit card as a payment method. Now I am part of an organization and the services should be billed to the organization. How can I make sure that my personal credit card is not billed for the services I use?

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As long as your account is a member of Organization - your card will not be charged. Though, here are a few scenarios you might consider for the future.

Only if account is standalone (on its own, not linked to another Payer), your card is charged. So, if you ever decide to leave that Organization, or... you are kicked out of it... which normally should never be the case in a healthy-governed organization, you should be at least notified by your admin of the Payer account about it :) - only then your card would get charged.

Another scenario to consider - let's say your account will need to join a new Organization at some point. To do that, you first need to leave original organization, and then accept invitation to join a new one. In this transition period, your card could get charged when your account is not linked to a Payer for too long. And "too long" generally means more than an hour. Generally, this process can be completed within minutes, and if you prepare this move in advance, there won't be any issues with charges to your card for the time between Payers.

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answered 2 months ago

That's a great question; the answer isn't going to thrill you. As long as the account is a member account of the organization, it will not be billed–but you also can't remove your last payment instrument from the account. Yes, it's maddening; I agree with you. What you might consider doing is getting a $5 gift card or whatnot, replacing your old payment instrument with the new one, waiting for the temporary authorization charge to wear off, then use that gift card for something else. It'll never be charged, so it's not like it has any real-world effect--but the fact that we've gotta go through these hoops is every bit as frustrating as it sounds.

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answered 2 months ago

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