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Cannot Delete Network Interface


I have a network interface that was attached to an instance. Once the instance was terminated, I tried to delete this network interface. The error was: "The network interface is currently in use." The interface was reported as available but also reported as attached to the old, dead instance. The network interface only has a static IP and is not associated to an Elastic IP. When I try to associate the network interface with a new instance, the error is: "An internal error has occurred." Any ideas how to force delete a network interface?

2 Answers
answered 2 months ago

Hello data-hyper,

You may wish to try forcing a detachment with the "--force" flag set on a detach-network-interface command as per these docs:

As this issue relates to a specific resource under your account, I would recommend that you reach out to AWS Support for further assistance if the above recommendation does not resolve the issue.

answered 2 months ago

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