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SimpleAD and CDK: How to reference IP addresses?


A SimpleAD has two IP addresses. We want to set up two A-records in a hosted zone that point to those IP addresses.

In the A-record code we tried this (simpleAD is the constructed SimpleAD):

target: route53.RecordTarget.fromIpAddresses(simpleAd.attrDnsIpAddresses[0], simpleAd.attrDnsIpAddresses[1]),

.. but got "Error: Resolution error: Resolution error: Cannot add elements to list token, got: #{Token[TOKEN.163]},.."

We tried adding a dependency (aRecord is the constructed A-record):

aRecord.node.addDependency(simpleAd) ;

... but no change.

So how do we refer to those addresses in a way that lets them be used in the A-record construction?

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

Regards, K.

1 Answer

With the help of this post:

I ended up with this (working) solution:

  target: route53.RecordTarget.fromIpAddresses(, simpleAd.attrDnsIpAddresses),, simpleAd.attrDnsIpAddresses),  

Thanks, K.

answered 2 years ago

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