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/is there any virus Protection on Windows & Linux VM's/

is there any virus Protection on Windows & Linux VM's


Hi, is there any virus protection on windows & Linux Machine? if yes then how frequently this virus protection gets updated. if no then who is responsible for data corruption/loss AWS or user ?

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There is not antivirus on the EC2 instances by default, beside what is shipped with the Operating System you are using. This is visible in the shared responsibility model for EC2:

You can, however, deploy any antivirus software you want but you have to manage it, including all updates. There are some products available on the AWS Marketplace, which allows you to purchase the licenses via your AWS bill.

Please be aware that some Antivirus produces are built for stateful servers, so they might now work properly with things like Autoscaling. If you have questions about the specific architecture of your application you can reach out to your account representative, they might be able to assist you with a design proposal.

answered 2 months ago

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