Facing CORS issue while using presigned url in Frontend iFRAME


Hi Team We are facing similar issue . Issue: Even though CORS policy is set . When we use the generated Presigned URL in frontend IFRAm we ended up with CORS error We already did the below:

  1. CORS policy is set for S3 bucket as below:
rule := types.CORSRule{
		AllowedHeaders: []string{"*"},
		AllowedOrigins: []string{"*"},
		AllowedMethods: []string{"GET", "HEAD"},
		ExposeHeaders:  []string{"Access-Control-Allow-Origin"},
	_, err := c.s3.PutBucketCors(ctx, &s3.PutBucketCorsInput{
		Bucket: aws.String(name),
		CORSConfiguration: &types.CORSConfiguration{
			CORSRules: []types.CORSRule{rule},
  1. We are generating Pre-signed URL which for our images . It also seems to be working fine . Because when we put the presigned url in browser , it downloads the image .
  2. We are able to see the presigned images on frontend iFRAME but while downloading it ended up with CORS error

Can you please guide us , what wrong we are doing

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I'd suggest you to give a deep read to https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/media/deep-dive-into-cors-configs-on-aws-s3-how-to/

It explains in full details how to properly work with pre-signed S3 URLs and CORS policies.



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answered 2 months ago

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