Redshift Serverless is missing Geospacial data types


This was added to provisioned Redshift 2021-11-24 (, yet is still not available in Redshift Serverless. Meanwhile, the documentation offers no indication whatsoever that there's functionality that's only available with the provisioned version of Redshift (

I have a test table in Serverless Redshift which I test every couple days, and it'd be so much simpler if I just had a rough idea of when (or if?) there's a plan for Serverless to have feature parity with non-serverless Redshift. Furthermore, a listing of what other features are missing would be very helpful in determining if the service is even something we want to be using.

The test query is as simple as:

alter table test_db.main.test_table

add column GeoLocation geography;

ERROR: Column "geolocation" has unsupported type "geography".

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Please, consider that Redshift Serverless is still in preview.

When you encounter such problems, send them with details to *** ***.

Including what syntax tried and errors you got.

The team will, then, be able to investigate.

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  • Is that still the recommended path, after filing a Support Ticket? From my point of view, I've reported this issue multiple times already, I'm just trying to find out if a timeline exists where it'll be solved.

  • @AWS-User-9279990, yes that is the recommended path, during a preview that is the way the team capture requests to prioritize the new features.

    you do not need a support ticket. the email is enough. Sometime getting a ETA will not be possible though.


Hi, as mentioned earlier, Serverless is still in preview and changes may be happening frequently.

I was able to create and alter table successfully in Redshift Serverless using datatype ‘geography’ so you may want to test this now.

create table x (geolocation geography) show table x

Create table test1 (name char(10))

alter table test1 add column geolocation geography

Almost all provisioned features are available in Redshift Serverless with the exception of DMS & KDF which are not certified yet in Serverless.

answered 5 months ago

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