Maximum number of Tenants Amazon RDS database can support


As per our project demand we need to accommodate multiple Tenants for Amazon RDS database. I would like to understand the Limited number of Tenants AWS support. What is the maximum number of Tenants that AWS can support ?

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    How do you divide your tenants? Separate RDS instances? Separate databases? schema? table?
    First, we need to think about how to implement multi-tenancy in RDS.

    Once that is decided, check the limits for each DB engine in the AWS documentation.

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This answer will depend on how the tenant model is designed.

Multi-tenant strategies

In multi-tenant strategies the DB can logically support an unlimited number of tenants so the constraint will be driven by the load on the server or the storage capacity used. You could use RDS Performance Insights to monitor your workload for a customer and use that data to extrapolate the max tenants on a given instance size.

Examples of multi-tenant implementations:

  1. All customers could be in a single logical DB and their data could be partition by a customer_id field.
  2. Each customer could be in their own schema, e.g. customer1_users, customer2_users or customer1.users, customer2.users.
  3. Each customer could be have their own logical database on the same server.


In a single-tenant deployment each customer would have their own server.

Each AWS account can create 40 RDS instances by default. Additional instances can be requested. More limits can be found in the FAQ.

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