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We just started to use AWS workmail a few months ago and as a small company we do not have an IT person.

Some of my colleagues complained that they found quite a lot of valid emails in their junk mail folders, including emails from their mailing lists and some of their own bcc-ed emails. Even if they have set the senders of these emails to Never Block, it still happened. Not sure whether they connected their AWS workmails to the outlook or not.

One of them also received an email @our and the message was as below:
Due to refusal of previous verification warning, removal of your email from server has been approved and initiated.
Removal will take place in exactly 24 hours from now ( date and time)
We highly recommend that you do any of the following and protect your email *** and increase email the security.

Was this a spam or not? Seems my colleague can still use the email address.

Please advise. Thanks.

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with false positives on the spam detection. I checked with the service team and they found that only 1 user received a few emails that where marked as spam. If you're using Windows Outlook you could try to tweak its internal spam check settings:

Another solution to ensure at least internal sent mail is to use and Email flow rule to always bypass spam:

Kind regards,

answered 2 years ago

Thank you Robin! Forwarded this message to my colleagues, will see if it works.

answered 2 years ago

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