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Using own domain for cognito. Rejected bc no A record. But I have one.


I've got a user pool and under app integration, domain name, I'm attempting to "use your own domain". When I put my into the field, it is rejected with

Custom domain is not a valid subdomain: Was not able to resolve the root domain, please ensure an A record exists for the root domain.

My domain _ cloudfront _ the origin S3 bucket all respond to both www and non-www requests in a browser and the route53 config has an alias A record pointing to the s3 bucket.

So I have an A record and it is valid. But still being rejected.

Could this be because my A record is an alias and not a pointer to a true IP address? If not, what's the issue?

asked 3 years ago630 views
1 Answer

I was trying to use "" in cognito which didn't work. And I couldn't immediately use "" because my certificate didn't include that hostname.

I solved this by removing my cert from my cloudwatch distribution, deleting the cert and recreating it, this time with a new hostname "" (in addition to the others). Once the subdomains were verified (in my case, through CNAMEs in Route53), I reattached the cert to my cloudwatch distro.

Then, in the cognito interface, I was able to use my own "" domain. (The A record for "" is an alias, so that wasn't the issue.)

answered 3 years ago

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