Where can I find AWS Support charges?


I m trying to find the AWS Support monthly charges in Bills page or Cost Explorer, but fail.

The AWS account I m working on is a member of an AWS Organization, our Support Plan was upgraded to Business in June 2022. I logged in as an IAM user with some permissions (aws-portal:*, ce:*) in Bills page and Cost Explorer.

Following a knowledge center article 'How am I billed for AWS Support?' (https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/support-billing/ , see content quoted below), I cannot find Support section in Bills page anyway.

How am I billed for AWS Support?

I want to sign up for a paid AWS Support plan, and I want to know how I'm charged for it.


When you sign up for a paid AWS Support plan, your payment method is charged a prorated minimum monthly service charge on your first monthly bill. If applicable, usage charges that exceed the monthly minimum charge are also billed at the end of the month.

You can see your monthly charges, including your prorated charges, by expanding the Support section on your Bills page.

My Question: is there any suggestion for finding AWS Support monthly charges of an AWS Organization member account?


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It depends which Organization structure you have, so it's likely that only the support team (when you open the billing support case) will be able to advise you as they'll see how you are subscribed, so I suggest opening a support case and ask. Note that support is charged based on your monthly usage amount, and NOT the number of support cases you open, I just wanted to clarify it just in case :)

In some cases for support plans such as Business or Enterprise, the support charges will be reflected ONLY on the Management Payer account of the Organization. That of course depends on the plan, and whether you were subscribed with any special agreement that you might have with AWS (either via your company, or via partner / reseller / solution provider your company is working with). If you don't see your support charges throughout the month, then most likely these charges are going only to the Payer account in your Organization.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Our situation was answered in an AWS support case, we can get support plan charges info via our solution provider (payer account in Organization), not directly in our account. Thanks again.


As you only upgraded to Business Support in June 2022 (you don't specify which support plan you had previously, I'm guessing Basic Support) - this will only show in the July bill for your account. This will be generated early in July, so should appear in your account in the next week or so if not already there. At this point the instructions you quoted in your initial post should work.

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  • The Support Plan of our AWS account was upgraded to 'Business' from 'Basic', on June 10, 2022. I will check Bills page this month. Thanks.

  • Besides the AWS account mentioned in the question, I also check another 2 accounts and have finding as follows

    • AWS Account #2: is a member of an AWS Organization and has joined Support Plan 'Business' for months. In an IAM user logged-in session, no Support section is shown in Bills page.
    • AWS Account #3: is not a member of any AWS Organizaton. Joined Support Plan 'Developer' yesterday (July 5). In an IAM user logged-in session, Support (Developer) section is shown in Bills page today (July 6).

Recently redesigned bills page.

We can view AWS support charges from the "Charges by Service" tab

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answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply. I cannot find AWS support charges in 'Charges by Service' tab in 'Bills' page anyway.

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