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I have an instance that we are having issues stopping or connecting to in general. When I try to reboot it, it appears to be rebooting much quicker than normal. I do not believe that the instance is actually rebooting. When trying to stop and force stop the instance, it essentially appears to get stuck and hang there for quite some time. I read to post on here in the documentation. Can anybody help me out? Many thanks.


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Let's try a few steps to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem:

  • Go to the AWS Management Console, navigate to the EC2 dashboard, and check the status of your instance. Look for any status checks that might have failed.
  • You can view the system logs of your instance to see if there are any error messages or issues during boot.
  • Ensure that your security groups and network ACLs are correctly configured to allow traffic to and from your instance.
  • If a reboot doesn't work, try stopping the instance (not force stopping) and then starting it again. This will move your instance to a new underlying host, which might resolve the issue.
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answered a month ago

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