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/AMI Linux 2 EC2 issues - fork: retry: No child processes | Resource temporarily unavailable/

AMI Linux 2 EC2 issues - fork: retry: No child processes | Resource temporarily unavailable


We have run into an issue all of a sudden with our Ec2 instance. VM doesn't respond to commands on shell as expected and sessions terminate abruptly. We have tried reboots, force updates, patching but non of these have helped, we also found that CPU, Memory and disk space utilizations are well under control. Volumes are also mounted correctly after reboot. The no. of processes are also very minimal, none of our apps have been turned ON after reboot.

asked 3 days ago2 views
1 Answers

It sounds like there is something on the instance which is starting a lot of processes. I would recommend that you raise a support case because there may be other troubleshooting steps that the support team can help with.

To troubleshoot further though, given that it sounds like there is something awry on the instance, I would add additional logging to see what is happening. If it continues to occur, build a new instance from the AMI; make sure that it works correctly; then compare the two.

answered 2 days ago

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