How to integrate AWS comprehend with salesforce service cloud


We want to use AWS comprehend with salesforce for analysing the sentimental analysis. Please provide me any reference that would be helpful.

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A workshop detailing how to synchronize data from Salesforce into S3 using AppFlow can be found here. Once Salesforce data is successfully landed in S3, you can follow the steps detailed here in order to performance an analysis of the objects which you have extracted from Salesforce.

In addition to the steps documented above, you will likely have two additional steps, written up below as (2) and (4).

  1. Salesforce into S3 (as above)
  2. Extracting the text specific to your sentiment analysis from Salesforce objects - I would suggest using Athena for this, as described here
  3. Performing sentiment analysis of the selected text from extracted objects (as above)
  4. Visualising the resulting sentiment analysis, as described here
answered 5 months ago

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