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I had a snapshot of an old server. I needed to spin it back up. So I created an image from the snapshot, then created an EC2 instance from the image. Now Windows won't activate. The activation page in Windows does show the last 5-digits of Product Key 8XDDG, but says it cannot activate, providing Error code: 0xC004F074. It previously ran Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and still does, i.e. I just re-created the EC2 instance from image, I did not change Windows version.

More info. that might be helpful: I've followed the guide at to activate manually. But in step 6, telnet to fails and PowerShell command: Test-netconnection -Port 1688 also fails. I've verified in step seven that the registry keys are correct for KeyManagementServiceName ( and KeyManagementServicePort (1688). Telnet and Test-netconnection to .251 also fails. The Security Group assigned to the instance has the default Outbound rule that allows everything.

Thank you!

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Never mind, following step 1 at to activate Windows manually fixed the issue. I guess had to add the routes to MS KMS server so now Test-netconnection -Port 1688 succeeds and windows was activated using slmgr /ato

answered 17 days ago

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