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Can I use API Gateway cache invalidation with a custom authorizer ?


I use API Gateway with a custom authorizer to authorize http requests based on a JWT Bearer token (header Authorization: Bearer <jwt>). I activated the cache layer and I would like to invalidate the cache entry on specific resource when the resource has been modified.

With an IAM authorizer, I was able to test the cache invalidation mecanism described in this documentation . I used a lambda function to call the API Gateway assuming a role with the proper policy "execute-api:InvalidateCache".

The problem is that I want a use a custom authorizer instead of the IAM authorizer and it does not seem to be possible. I tried to return the policy "execute-api:InvalidateCache" from my custom authorizer but the API Gateway does not authorize the cache invalidation.

Could you tell me if I am missing something or is it just not supported ?

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Thanks for reaching out to us!

At the moment only AWS_IAM authorization on the same-account supports cache invalidation.

If you use API Gateway with Lambda authorizers it does not support cache invalidation at the moment.

answered 8 months ago

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