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Repeat Email Hack


This is the second time we have had a company use/access our email for spamming, however, our company is set serverless with AWS cloud. The attack comes from forwarded by JackpotCity (not our company) which uses our email. Always to the same email sender being ,,, the heading or subject: Complaints, FW: For your eyes only.

I've since changed all passwords and the emails have stopped coming through, I should mention we use a Gmail for our email.

Is there anything more I could be doing to prevent and defend our email, and stop such attacks or spamming from happening again? Thanks in advance C

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Please raise a support case about this issue. The team can investigate what is happening and assist you in resolving the problem. Note that they can't do much about what happens in Gmail; so I'd also contact the Google support team.

answered a month ago

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