AWS Pinpoint is not working for some provider in Indonesia


Hi AWS team, I tried using AWS pinpoint as my otp service. However no sms is received for number in telkomsel provider. It works though for other provider eg: xl.

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Have you enabled logs and checked the logs? There might be some information there about why you are having problems.

Also, Senders are required to use a pre-registered alphabetic sender ID. To request a sender ID from AWS Support, file a support request. Some countries require senders to meet specific requirements or abide by certain restrictions in order to obtain approval. In these cases, AWS Support might contact you for additional information after you submit your sender ID request. Please check the below link for more details.

Also, it would be important to check on what you see in the logs. Another best practice would be for messages that are critical or time-sensitive, such as a one-time passwords, leveraging TRANSACTIONAL message type in Amazon Pinpoint is indeed the recommendation.


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answered 3 months ago

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