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SHUT DOWN AWS ACCOUNT - Cannot figure out what I am being charged for - Please help?


I've been learning AWS for about 6 months now, have learned to disable Cloudwatch metrics when I create Lambdas so I no longer get charged for those, but I started getting charged again starting Jan. 20 2022, $.03, then $.05 per day since for something according to Cost Explorer which adds up to $.43, but I currently show a bill for $.44. I'm having trouble tracking down what exactly is causing the charge. AWS Service Charges is where I see where I exceeded the 10 free alarms per month by 4.430 alarms and a charge of $.44. When I click over to Cloudwatch, I see 16 alarms triggered on 12/20/2021-12/22/2021, but none after I not connecting what I am being charged for...confused. Those alarms were for DynamoDB read/write capacity maybe autoscaling I think? There is a policy, that AWS will not let me disable, on my tables to allow Cloudwatch alarms, which is only getting triggered on 2 of my 5 tables, something that reads "ConsumedReadCapacityUnits < 150 for 15 datapoints within 15 minutes." Not sure if this is the charge. Can someone help me figure this out before I have to shutdown my AWS account for runaway spending? Thanks.

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To handle an issue regarding billing, we suggest that you reach out to our Customer Service team who will happily assist you with your billing issue.

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answered 8 months ago

Thank you, that was helpful. CS chatted with me, my problem was when I create a new DynamoDB Table, a new alarm gets automatically time goes on, if the alarm exceeds the 10 free per month it will start showing a charge in Cost Explorer, thus the costs starting Jan 20, even though the 2 new tables where made in December. I need to remember to delete the alarm once I create a new table or it will keep firing past the 10 per month...or something like that. I still don't understand it entirely yet...maybe time will help with that.

Does anyone know why I had 14 alarms going even though I only made 2 tables? I'm not getting how/where the alarms are created with making a new table.

answered 8 months ago

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